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Created by Joya
Updated on Feb 01, 2014

My 4 year old son has suddenly started stammering a lot for the last one month, at times he even stammers before saying each and every word. He had acute otitis media a month back and had minor hearing loss, could it be because of this? How can I help my son to overcome this problem.

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| Feb 02, 2014

Hi dear Joya! It is quite possible that otitis media could be responsible for stammering. Hope his treatment course was complete and the medical condition was resolved. It should be alright with time and care. It is advisable to be careful of some issues before stammering gets alright such as no one should make fun of him for his this speech problem as he might develop inferiority complex which would cause emotional stress which might prove to be a factor further responsible for stammering. Secondly he should be free of any stress which cud arise due to scolding, teasing, pressure to speak. Thirdly, be patient while the child is speaking with minimum interruptions. Fourthly, maintain eye contact with the child. Fifthly, u cud encourage him to think, before speaking and be calm. This will help him organise his thoughts. Sixth: u cud serve him balanced diet which will take care of his overall body requirements and health. Hope he gets better and comes out of this medical condition soon.

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| Feb 02, 2014

Hi Joya! This may not be exactly what you are looking, but may be of help.

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| Feb 01, 2014

i would also like to mention that we speak in bengali at home and he mostly speaks in Hindi imitating the characters of his favourite cartoon show Doremon so at times i think he gets confused which language to speak.

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