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Updated on Nov 04, 2019

when a 11month baby try to standup his parents ..then baby stand few second his toes he doesnt want to stand long time ..but he is sit without support and rounding freely ..not crawling why

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| Nov 04, 2019

Hi pranamika ! Some babies directly walk without crawling . Don't get disheartened. create opportunities such as taking him for a walk in the park holding his Finger. Massage his legs in sta ding position. Keep his fav toy at a height so that he stands on his own..

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| Nov 05, 2019

It's completely normal for some babies to start crawling later and there is nothing wrong. Don't worry! My daughter was like that, she just turned 3 but was the laziest baby in the world. Encourage any physical activity and above all don't carry your baby a lot. If he's on his back and you pick him up, how is he going to learn to get up? Tell him to do it himself. Give hive some "bonuses" (favourite snacks, a new toy) for his personal BIG achievements.

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