Steam Inhalation

1 to 3 years

Created by Shanthi
Updated on Dec 05, 2013

Can someone please advise if there are any top tricks or smart ways to steam a 2. 5yr child. My daughter often suffers from cold and refuses for a steam inhalation which is mostly advised by doctors..

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| Dec 12, 2013

Hi Shanthi, You can also take nebulizer at home which is easy to use and child friendly. I am also using for my 19 months old baby and it is really worth. You can check with your doctor.

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| Dec 10, 2013

Also some electric steam inhalers are now available. You can put it on the table, hold ur kid in ur hip and make her inhale the steam easily.

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| Dec 05, 2013

Hi Shanthi! I completely agree with Anurima on this . U cud switch on the steamer in a closed room for at least half an hour. N keep the child occupied in one way or the other. Or u cud try another method u cud put the steamer on n take the child in ur lap cover urself n the child with dupatta or towel etc n ask third person to seek u both. So u can play hide n seek n pretend he/she is unable to seek u both for long by guessing wrong position n by this method child wud easily agree to take steam in a play way manner. Hope this helps!

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| Dec 05, 2013

Yes Shanthi, there is a way :) You may let some steam develop in the bathroom by letting the hot water tap running for sometime. It works better if you have a shower and let it run for 10 mins. Keep the door and windows closed. Once there is a good amount of steam, close the tap/shower, take your child to the bathroom and do some activity sitting in the dry area of the bathroom for the next 10-15 mins. You may take a story book, or play a game- just about anything to keep her occupied while she inhales the steam. Doing this at least twice a day will be beneficial. I have tried this method with both my children and it still works. Hope this works for your child too.

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