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Created by Tasneem Taher
Updated on Nov 27, 2015

Hi my baby is 2. 5 month old n she has gas prblm... she pass motion in alternate days sumtym reularly n sumtyms in 2 3 days.. I wnt to ask is dabar janam ghuti is good to give

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| Nov 27, 2015

Hi, Too relieve gas problems: 1. do cycling for baby while giving her daily massage before bath. 2. put her on her tummy for 5 mins daily during playtime. This relieves the gas. 3. Apply castor oil on navel and massage in circular motion. This helps in relieving gas too. 4. Burp baby well after feeding. Gas vl reduce drastically if these 4 are done. My baby used to pass lots of gas initially till 2 months. It's overcome now. My baby rarely passes gas now. She is 5 months. :) Are you breast feeding exclusively. If that's the case , normally baby has bowe l movements once in few days. My baby has bowel movement every 3 to 6 days which my doc told is normal. Since breast milk contains less wastage, only urine is expelled more. Eat more fibre and vegetables and fruits to regularize motion. Please don give anything without consulting doctor. Doc prescribed me to give colicaid drops 0. 5 ml if baby has gas pains, stomachache and is very gassy. It was very effective. I give it on extreme cases when my lil one cries a lot from pain. Note: please don't give pacifier for long time. It makes baby swallow air and increases gas.

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| Nov 27, 2015

Hey... as far asmotiom is concern,that's fine If stomachache is issue, I asked my doctor about that ghutti and he denied its just a pacifier and doesn't help with that... he asked me to use gripe water if needed Though my baby had luckily colic problem a few times only, and my doctor prescribed him three medicines, vizylac meftal spas and vitoenzyme and once he prescribed colucaid over call. I don't remember dose and will strictly advise to consult your paedetrician before giving anything to your baby.... You may give 5 drops of colicaid if its urgent.... but plz do consult your doctor..

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