stomach pain

1 to 3 years

Created by Divya Gupta
Updated on Jan 08, 2019

what is the reason of stomach pain in toodler. mere 2. 10 yr son ko 4-5 days se stomach pain h use RABEO (ranitidine oral solution IP) ye syrup doctor ne 3 days 2. 5 ml dene ko kha tha. bt abhi bi use pain h. pain continuous nhi hota ruk2 ke hota h. usne motion ka color creamy h. during stomach pain kaun2 se food jayada suitable h.

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| Jan 08, 2019


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| Jan 08, 2019

hi divya gupta ! it could be sign of an infection. please complete the course of medicine and if the condition doesnt improve, he might need antibiotics in which case please take a second opinion.. it could happen sometimes when children eat outside food or stale food or even after putting dirty hands/things in mouth.. u could give dahi, khichri, light dals, soups etc..

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