Stomach pain

1 to 3 years

Created by Sujata Dedhia
Updated on Feb 03, 2019

My girl get up at night because of stomach pain. In this full week thrice she had pain at night. Is there any infection or germs in stomach?

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| Feb 12, 2019

Dear it happens when baby is small you are unable to understand which problem he or she is having. For that use mamaearth easy tummy roll it will solve all the stomach related problems and will help your child to sleep tight

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| Feb 03, 2019

hi sujata ! has she been eating normally? what about frequency of poop? it could be due to gas as well. serve her light diet at night.. give her a sip or two of hot water after meals.. also if she takes milk at night, avoid giving it for 2-3 days and see if there is any difference.. if pain persists it could be sign of an infection ,in this case please consult yr doc..

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| Feb 03, 2019

Hi Sujata Dedhia What is het motion frequency? Is she eating properly? And how much gap do you keep between dinner and sleeping time?

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