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My baby is 2. 6 years old, she was fine until last Thursday evening. She had been suffering with diarrhea problem often in the past until she turned 2 years and her paed had advised me from giving cows milk, as this must be the main reason for her digestive problems. Even she was not interested in drinking milk, even if I had offered her. After she turned 2, I started giving her Pedia sure vanilla mixed with water. After she completed 2. 4 years, she started showing interest in drinking milk and I told her paed n he advised me to go ahead which I did. For past two months, she didn't have any digestive issues. She was hale n healthy. I have been giving her milk with Pedia sure, r with sugar. Gradually started giving fruit milkshakes etc. Last week on Tuesday evening I saw her biting crayons n spitting them.. Immediately I had her rinse her mouth, and she was fine the following day. On Wednesday night, I gave her chapati dipped in milk for dinner and which she had in the morning following day for breakfast. In the evening, all of a sudden she passed on green loose stools twice. On Friday, she passed 5 times and I had her taken to doc. Who on checking didn't find anything wrong n asked me to give bifilac syrup for 2 days, incase fever comes it. might be infection start with Cronin else after 2 days give taxi mol. I started giving her this taxi mol from Saturday night n she has been eating as usual but I have not given her milk. She is active as usual n no fever. The no of times of passing stool reduced, however yesterday I gave pomegranate juice without milk r sugar and she had it glass full. In the evening she passed green loose stools is it something to worry if her intestines are infected or is it due to high fiber intake. I want to know how I can be sure that she is not lactose intolerance

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