stop breast feeding

1 to 3 years

Created by Shruti Gandhi
Updated on Jun 27, 2017

my child is 1. 4 yr old hpw to stop breast feeding. pks give me suggestions.

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| Aug 28, 2017

Please try to stop by one year. Else the baby understand everything and they become stubborn.. We are struggling to stop. She is 2 now. We are using dry aloe Vera.

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| Jun 27, 2017

Hi there! u can try neem oil... kala Ras, it's ayurvedic.. anything which has a bitter taste.. basically idea is to put it on ur breast when ur baby wants to feed.. he/ she will cry but u have to be strong and give them lot of cuddles n love. I breast feed my baby till 19 months.. and it was really hard for the first 3-4 days.. I even mixed a bit of red chilli coz he was very adamant. gave him grapes n apple whenever he wanted to feed. as whatever u ll apply will ruin ur baby's taste so keep all these things handy( whatever ur baby likes). I even tried gems.. try singing n patting him/ her to sleep. please donot wean him off completely. try weaning him off first for the day... n if he gets up for feed in night ...feed him for few days.. once u stop feeding during the day completely then start for night feed.. depending on the baby u should be good within 8-15 days.. this is wot I did with my baby.. rest do wot ur instinct tells u to. good luck

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| Jun 27, 2017

u can give try to lemon or hing paste,,, or turmeric with sarso ka oil..... baby will cry but u have to keep patience..... else u can do when ever at night it baby wake up u just try to make him / her feed something if he doesn't want that than try to make him sleep in any way ..... ho sakta hai aapko is tarah baar baar jagna pade but in few days will be habitual n stop breast feed....

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