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Updated on Aug 02, 2016

Pls advice me to stop breastfeeding.. my daughter is 1 year old now.. am trying to stop breastfeeding.. But she is not sleeping without my breast in day time and nite also she is crying continously for 2 hours.. She is not taking the feed from formula.. Am forcing her at all the time to drink.. Pls advice

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| Aug 02, 2016

Hello Deepthi. The weaning process should be always slow and gradual. An abrupt discontinuation will upset the baby. Start introducing outside milk, introduce new foods etc to replace breastfeeding time and reduce the day time feed one by one. Give your child ample number of days to start getting used to the each one less feed. Do not force anything, it will create an aversion. To comfort her try singing rhymes, play with her toys, divert her attention. Happy Parenting

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