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Updated on Jul 25, 2014

I want my child to stop breastfeed, he is 20 months old. Sometimes he never let me sit in the car, house and demands for it even if his tummy is full. please suggest.

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| Jun 17, 2015

Is it safe? Does it have any side effects? Please advice

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| Aug 06, 2014

Yes Kamna,I tried it & my child has stopped breastfeeding, now he is eating well. Really good thing, thanks to it.

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| Aug 05, 2014

Hey Ruchi try Femite you can get from any medical shop... I have used this n it does wonder...

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| Jul 29, 2014

Hi Ruchi, this can be an embarrassing problem for most mothers. You may have to become little firm here and let him cry out. When he asks for milk and you know he is full, keep his away from the body. children get the smell of pheromones and ask for it subconsciously. If there are certain times when his asking for milk is exaggerated, for eg: in the car, ensure he is away from your lap, in the car seat or with someone else, and offer him a drink of water instead. keep something for him to suckle on (frozen sticks of cucumber tied in a sanitized muslin cloth or a suckling net are good. discard after one time use). alternatively, there are some creams that help wean the child off the mother's breast and you could ask your paediatrician or gynae about it. hope this helps.

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| Jul 26, 2014

hey administrator that is for 40 days child not 40 months, my child will be 2 yrs old within 4 months

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| Jul 25, 2014

Ruchi Bhargava - we understand your concern and have just unearthed a similar parent talk where a parent with 40 months old child faced a similar challenge. Please find the link here. Hope this is of help.

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