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Updated on Apr 26, 2016

My daughter is 1. 8 yrs old and she is highly dependable on my breadtfeed. she does not take any of her meals properly and constantly asks for breastfeed all the time of the day and whole night too. I want to stop breastfeeding her anymore and give her proper nutritious healthy food. Please please suggest some ways.

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| Jun 11, 2016

try to feed her with rice n resam at 7pm, and give her buffaloes Milk of little quantity at 9. 30 and feed her with cerlace wen she goes to bed. so that she won't trouble at nights

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| Apr 30, 2016

U should restrict the milk intake of ur baby to 400ml per day.. Giving milk more than that reduces the hunger and the baby is always full due to which they don't eat any another food.. Try Givin ur baby different type of foods in morning as breakfast as she wil b hungry at that time.. Reduce breastfeeding as much as u can during the day and give solids more.. The more u give her solid food she ll ask for breast milk less.. Offer food tour child when she is hungry.. Hope this helps. Good luck

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| Apr 28, 2016

please suggest anything I'm also facing same problem with my son..

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| Apr 27, 2016

Hi all... please suggest us some ways to deal with the situation... it's very annoying when she does not eat anything whatever I give her to eat and only takes breastfeed whenever hungry.

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| Apr 26, 2016

Yeah. I m also going wid same problem. I have 1. 10 m old son. He also asks me frequently for breast feeding. I want to stop it and make him eat the proper meals. plz help me and suggest any solution.

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