stop breastfeeding

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Created by NEHA GUPTA
Updated on May 05, 2016

my son is 21 months old.. I want to stop breastfeed. what should I do?

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| May 14, 2016

hi shalin. .I really appreciate ur suggestion nd definitely follow it

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| May 14, 2016

Hi Neha, I recently went through this exercise of weaning off my 23 months old baby. I started with stopping the occasional feed during the day when he was 20 months & continued only feeding at night. After couple of months I just stopped feeding at night too. In my case he cried a lot & tried throwing tantrums, the first few nights were crazy given the fact I almost thought he would never be weaned off. Sleeping away from his sight in another room for 3-4 nights really helped coz the less he saw me the less he was reminded of feed & the lesser he cried. Trust me in a week - 10 days things will look better. Hope my experience helps you.

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| May 13, 2016

Apply soapnut to nipples just before feeding. Child feels that bitter taste and slowly dislikes feed.

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