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Updated on Dec 08, 2015

Hi My daughter is 5 months old and she suddenly refused the breastfeeding at 3 n half months of age. I introduced daal water n banana etc after 4 months but now I am worried about her immunity. Will she be strong ? She has caught cold cough and also loose motions for past few days. What can I do to make her healthy and to cope up with the lose of breastfeeding benefits ?

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| Dec 08, 2015

Hi Chandni! found this blog helpful -

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| Dec 09, 2015

Thanks Nita but I wish I could have read n talked about it long back. Now may be it's too late to start again. It's been almost two months that I have completely stopped breastfeeding. And now baby also doesn't latch on. Is there any other way that I can help my baby have good immune system

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| Dec 12, 2015

Hi chandani, bf is best for baby and should continue giving at least one year to baby. Don't worry and don't give up so early. There are some other ways to give your daughter your breast milk. You can express your milk and mix it with other milk which you are giving her right now. There are many breast pump available in market. You can use it. By adding your milk to her milk the taste will not change to baby and she will not refuse for it. Thus she will gain your milk too. You can start giving home made milk shake and apple puree. Start giving cerelac,suji and ragi kheer. You can also start giving egg yolk (avoid white portion). Cow milk is best for baby. If you want to start giving home made milk shake, you should use cow milk. Amul pasteurized cow milk is also available. Don't give up and don't worry. Happy motherhood.

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