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Stopped eating everyday food !

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Created by Radhika
Updated on Nov 13, 2012

Hi, My 10 month old has been suffering from cough & cold. His medicines are on. For past 3-4 days he has started refusing all that I used to feed him like, semi liquid sheera, Khichadi with vegies thick paste, soup of veggies etc. I also give him biscuits and other finger ready food at times. Please suggest some way to feed him correctly. I have tried Idli, boiled egg, French fries but of no use.

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| Feb 26, 2013

Its good to feed baby your own milk till age of 1 but when your milk production is not upto baby's demand its not good to keep baby without any milk. I would suggest to take advice from some other pediatrician also and share your problem. As much I know milk is very important component of a kids diet so better get thing confirm twice. I always concern 2-3 doctors for my kid before deciding anything for him.

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| Feb 26, 2013

Hello Radhika,

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| Nov 16, 2012

Wish hood health for your babies too Arunima. My problem is, my child's paediatrician has strictly said no to any form of milk till age 1 yr apart from mother's milk. My milk production is almost nill now which doesn't suffice his needs. My son doesn't take any other liquid. I too am in a lot of pain post I feed him. What do I do? :(

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| Nov 12, 2012

Hi Radhika. Children lose their appetites when sick, its normal. It is important to keep him hydrated by making sure he drinks enough milk, water and other liquids. Try to feed him but please do not force him as once he starts feeling better, he will automatically resume his normal diet. You could try giving him some light chicken soup or rasam too. I am going through the same thing with both my kids. Hope your baby feels better soon.

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