Storage of expressed milk

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Created by Rohini Motwani
Updated on Jan 23, 2016

Hello friends, i am a proud mom of a 6 month od baby girl, but just started working.. :-( wanted to know how can i store expressed breast milk n whether its safe to give baby that milk?

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| Jan 24, 2016

Thank you so much pooja... it will be of great helm to me i guess

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| Jan 23, 2016

Yes.. it is safe to give baby stored breast milk. just two three points to consider... first it must ideally b stored in specially made pouches.. double or triple layered... bacteria free.. which are available in market. mother must express milk every 3-4 he and that might mean taking your pumping device to work with u! Depending on the temp u stored milk n weather... once extracted milk can be used for next 6-12 hrs. Secondly... this milk must not be heated directly on gas or Stove or kettle as it kills nutrients. U must keep the milk bottle in already heated water.. never directly! Third when u store breast milk... a thin layer of creamy fluid sets in after some time.. no need to worry... As when u shake milk in bottle it again attains its natural consistency. Also u must take care for proper cleaning and sanitising the pump and storage pouch n utensils... I GS that would help u

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| Jan 23, 2016

Hello my baby is 1 month old.. he suffers from gas problem alot what is the solution for that he should not suffer from this.....

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