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Updated on Sep 15, 2017

Hemlata, a mom of two boys, was heading home from work one evening when she was T-boned by a speeding car. She called home and asked her nanny, Sheela, to send her husband, Vivek, to the scene. When Vivek got home, Sheela told him what happened and he rushed out of the door. Then Sheela sprang into action and started dinner for the boys. Despite being illiterate herself, she ensured that the boys finished their homework. She also got them to take their baths and brush their teeth and sleep before their parents came back home. She even stayed back leaving her own family behind just to make sure that the boys were not alone in the house until Hemlata and Vivek returned. When Hemlata and Vivek got home from the hospital, they were pleased to discover that everything had been taken care of. "Our nanny was a star and I knew I could trust her," says Hemlata. "But, I knew I loved her later that night when I opened the refrigerator to find that she had also prepared breakfast and packed the kids' lunches for the next day. " *** Nannies and babysitters are part of the family. They fulfil our duties towards our children in our absence. Have we cared as much about their health and wellbeing? Show that you care. Sponsor your nanny’s/babysitter’s health check now. Call 7090421234 now

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| Sep 15, 2017

thanks for sharing Namrata!

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