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Updated on Oct 16, 2017

My son turns 1 in 15 days. Planning to celebrate his first birthday. He has stranger anxiety. on seeing stranger he immediately cries or run away from them. I am really worried about his behavior. I know its quite common and its part of the baby development. I dont know how to handle this situation in his birthday party. People will come closer to wish him, and then he will start crying. Fellow parents, I hope you might have come across this situation, hence please suggest me how to handle a stranger anxious baby on his birthday party.

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| Oct 16, 2017

hi Uma Gupta! I do comprehend ur concern . it's not unusual for children of this age to behave so. u could leave him with a trusted adult whom he is comfortable with . have his fav toys around,let him wear comfortable clothes and also let him sleep well in the afternoon. the more it would be like any regular day for him, less agitated he would be . as far as meeting strangers is concerned, be around and u could politely let them know he is tired today, if he cries. dear dont be anxious, more relaxed u would seem and sound to him, better he will be able to cope up.

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