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Updated on Apr 10, 2017

My son is 5. 5 yrs. He is very very naughty. Whatever we ask him to do, he never does. He gives his own explanations and make excuses. E. g. , If I ask him to brush his teeth, he says will do tomorrow. If he wants to go to park then he will go we can't stop him. If he is asked not to go a friend's house then also he does not listen. As a result of this behaviour I am not able to teach him also.

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| Apr 10, 2017

hi Monika Rathi ! children around this age learn to express their will and exercise their freedom. they get stubborn if they are denied all their demands and not given the freedom to choose and decide. if u feel his demands are not too much to agree with, listen to him and allow him. but in case u feel his demand is unjustified and u can't fulfill it, just don't say 'NO'. Monika u need to make him sit , look into his eyes, make him calm down . praise him for being patient and then give your reason for not allowing him to do so. also ask him an alternative or give him a choice. for instance u would like to study now for half an hour and then play a game with Mumma or vice versa. give lil freedom to him so that he can choose and decide for himself. the more we would command them to follow us, more they will retaliate and not listen to us at all. Monika do praise him for being good when he behaves nicely and do hug him often. hope this helps!

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