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Updated on May 06, 2017

my son is 2. 8 years old. he is very intelligent know everything according to age but if anyone ask to say any questions like what's your name or rhyms he says don't know means it completely depend upon the mood .so how can I handle to my child. for that my mother in law always said that he don't know anything. what is the solution

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| May 06, 2017

hi Khusboo! you don't need to prove to anyone Shlok knows everything especially to your mother-in-law . secondly sometimes if children are coaxed or nagged to perform in front of others they become adamant not to perform. when other children are performing he might on his own do his part. also avoid saying anything negative about the child or labeling the child as he would do so to prove your point . always motivate him by praising him. u can record when he recites a poem and show it to others. this will also give a boost to his self confidence. hope this will help u!

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