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Created by Shipra Jain
Updated on Dec 29, 2015

I have two babies. my daughter is 8years old and my son is just an half year old. my daughter is becoming stubborn day by day. she ws very polite obedient and sincere. but now she dont listen to me at once first word she says no whenever i ask her to do something. she loves her brother but her nature is is becoming inverse. i have never slapped her or shouted at her in past 8years except studies. she is a position holder student. she demands to sleep with us at night which is very uncomfortable for we four. as she used to sleep with her grandparents. how should i deal with her.

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| Dec 29, 2015

Hi Shipra! Please tackle her with love and patience. the more u would raise yr voice with her, the more she would retaliate. Start your conversation with her, with soft and polite tone. Avoid giving orders. Discuss and take her point of view about matters pertaining to her rather than dictating terms. Work on the bond between siblings. Avoid scolding her because of her sister. She is a grown up and might be feeling confused how all of a sudden her parents love,affcetion,Care which used to be only hers is being shared with her sibling. it will take some time before she develops feelings for her. Spend some time with her which is exclusively for her where u talk about her day at school,teach her, tell her stories, listen to her thoughts. The more you would shower love on her,the earlier she would come to terms with this new addition in family and stop getting affected by it. Take help of family members in taking care of Lil one once u have fed her and done other essential basic things with her like bathing etc. Hope this helps!

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| Dec 29, 2015

Same here. My elder son is now 9 years and younger one is 2 yearsl. Since last two years, i could spend time, he is becoming worse. Back talking, shouting, hitting.. Don't know how to handle him.. is it becuase of second one or age-specific

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