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Stubbornness and Anger

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Updated on Jun 21, 2017

My daughter is just two however she is very stubborn and gets annoyed in seconds if she doesn't get wat she wants and the ptoblem is that she wants each and everything in her reach. If we try taking the stuff back from her she gets irritated and often slaps in return. Earlier we gave her phone to divert her mind when she use to cry, now it has become a habbit, she doesn't eat properly if rhymes are not being played on phone which is again a matter of concern for me. Kindly suggest what to do??

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| Jun 21, 2017

Hi Paraveen, just look at the blog it helps you teach how to behave. It is not very easy for a parent to deal with a child who is used to throwing tantrums, or is grumpy or disobedient most of the times. But chiding or scolding the child is also not the solution. Instead it requires behavior modification through non-assertive ways, recognizing and acknowledging the reasons for the behavior and working on it. Here are some ways that will help a parent deal with this behavior. Read more on ...

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