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Rishu Mehta

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Dec 02, 2015

My baby boy is 2 years old .but hez realy very stubborn child.. he never use to listen to anyone If want something... what to do to change his behavior

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 02, 2015

Hi Rishu Mehta! What u r going through is indeed a difficult task but very much a common trait for a toddler. U need to be patient while dealing with yr son. Be calm and composed and tell yourself repeatedly that u won't loose yr cool and let yr tempers rise. Listen to yr child and understand what he wants. Tell him if he would shout or cry u won't understand what he wants. Make him sit down in yr lap. Hug him,kiss him and make him calm down. Once u have understood what he wants,give him options. May be he would settle for one of those. Then praise him for listening to u and fulfill his demand as discussed with him. Let the family be a role model for him,by avoiding situations where a member nags or throws tantrums. Create an environment where discussion is possible at home rather than shouting or getting angry with each other or giving orders . whenever u want him to do something,for example u could tell him baby it would be great if you could wind up whatever u r doing in 5 minutes and we will sleep after that as it would be late after that and we have a long day tomorrow and have to have so much of fun. Avoid giving orders. Hope this helps! All the best Rishu!

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