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Anthony Mary
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Updated on Jan 06, 2016

Hi all, Really need a suggestion from you. My daughter is 3 years 8 months. I teach her every day numbers and alphabets. She tells it orally correctly but when she writes she gets confused with 6 and 7. Few times I bet her I know it's not correct but she has written many times the number including tracing. If I ask her to study she tells she does not want to study. how will I make her understand

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| Jan 06, 2016

Hi Anthony, personally i think she is still too young to be made to sit to study and especially write. But if you must, then do it playfully.... let her write on the walls (you can use eraseable crayons), on sand, on mud, on floor with paint and using her fingers than a pencil. her concepts will become clearer if she uses fingers than a pencil.

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