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Created by Pooja Jagadeesh
Updated on Dec 14, 2016

my daughter is loosing interst in studies. how to change her. so that she enjoys studying every day

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| Dec 15, 2016

hi Pooja Jagdeesh! I understand your concerns. you could fix a routine for her. say for instance after coming back from school she could either sleep or play or do any activity of her choice but in the evening she has to study for two and a half to three hours with a half an hour break. you could also sit along or keep a watch on what she is doing after allocating her work. teach her two subjects rather than focusing on just one to avoid boredom. always begin with reading the chapter to give her a thorough understanding followed by question and answer. give her a small test in the form of MCQ's to assess her understanding of the concepts. make her practice Math everyday by focusing on one chapter say Data Handling. u could give her examples from day to day life to keep her interested. for instance if 12 children in her class have orange as their fav color 5 have pink, 7 have blue and rest have red. how many more children like orange than pink. which is the least fav color? which is most fav color? how many children like red if total no. of students in class is 35? this will keep her interested. always encourage her for giving her the right answer. avoid scolding if she has not understood, rather give more examples until she does. Pooja I am sure with your love, patience and efforts she will come around soon.

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| Dec 15, 2016

Make studying a fun session. Get some exciting stationery like mugs with inspirational quotes to hold her pencils, colour pencils and all.

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