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Updated on Feb 11, 2020

hi.. my twelve year daughter is too much into computer and tv and net.. otherwise very intelligent and sharp her interest in studies declines day by day.. explaining,scolding ,shouting nothing helps.. how to inculcate sense of responsibility.. i am much worried..

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| Feb 11, 2020

Hi Sneha, well I would say engageyourr daughter in some outdoor activities or some classes.... or u can even invite her friends over all these will automatically cut down the usage of comp. , tv, net.... Well guess what i do with my 13 year old son... no sooner i feel he is spending too much time on any of it... i play some educational games with him.. like word building, sentence building.. extempo and so on... u can also try setting time for each like i have set a rule at home that he get just 1 hr of tv on weekdays and 3 hour on week ends. 1 hr of computer only on weekends except for project works.... every time he breaks the rule or watches extra reduce their timing.... rule of the thumb is they dont listen to u just cut down or dont give or do something that they love the most..

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| Feb 11, 2020

Helo @sneha dont scold your baby it will make them more worse to the situation only. So you can tell them in their way like mom will come to play. There are many outdoor games. You can take her to play outside. Also play indoor games like chess, table tennis with her. Invest money on buying this. You can also this for lifetime. She is studying well so dont worry and stress yourself. After her homework and studies she is getting bored so only she is using all this to keep her engaged. Allow her to use computer but have time limit like for half an hour in week days and in weekends like one hour. This way you can control. Please go through this blogs also it will help you Blogs-,,

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