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Updated on Oct 17, 2017

My son is 12yr old he is not interested in studies he is only interested in watching t. v and want to play for whole day . He speaks rudely with others .is it possible to create his interest toward studies how can we change his behaviour

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| Oct 18, 2017

hi Rajwinder Kaur ! plan his schedule.. stick it on top of his table . remind him gently when it's time to switch over from one activity to another.. plan short activities say half and hr slots .praise him when he follows it. as far as his behavior is concerned, he seems to be angry with u over some issues such as nagging to do certain chores etc.. please avoid the triggers and be polite with him. share ur views without complaining or being rude with him. make sure u speak to him in a language which u want him to emulate. hope that helps!

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| Oct 19, 2017

Hi Rajwinder, 1)You need to have a fixed timing for studies and screen time. 2)He is big enough to take right decisions. So sit with your child and come to an agreement on what time he wants to start his homework, how long he can work, when to take breaks etc. Give him the choice to start with any subject he wants. 3) Self analysis is an effective tool to make him understand where he lags and what he can do about it. I have a 12 yr old. Very often I give him a small questionnaire about his study habits, his interests. It has helped me understand how I can further help him. Children give a very genuine answer. For example ask him how he feels about a particular subject. What he likes the most in the subject, what he finds very hard, why, what can you as a parent do to help, how did he perform in the recent test, what he did very well, his strong areas, what went wrong? How could it have been rectified? What is he going to do to improve the next time( set them as goals). 4) If he says the subject is boring, acknowledge it and ask how you can help making it interesting. I teach my son using the cue he gives me. 5)It's definitely boring to read just the text, memorize it and reproduce it in paper. Instead give him a real scenario. For example if he is learning congruence, ask him to identify all the congruent shapes that are used in the objects at home or find pictures from magazines that have used congruence. If he is learning ecosystem, ask him to go to the back yard and observe all the animals he sees and ask him to draw a food chain. Ask him questions like if a particular animal's population is erased or decreases, how would it affect the rest of the animals. 6) try to simulate the situation or concept that is very hard to see or to understand. For examples If he is learning hotspots and island formation, use candle as hotspots and paper as continental plate and show him how drifting of plate forms the island (the dark burnt spot). When he has an opportunity to explore, question himself and think, it will be very interesting for him to learn. 7) keep discussing the topic with various queries to cover every aspect of that content and to remember them. Then there is no need to read the text again and again to memorize. Reading his text books is not the only way to learn. He can learn by observing, asking questions, listening, watching, making models, writing his ideas, thinking, imagining, comparing, analysing, surveying, discussing, experiencing, making connections and reading. 8) search in internet for ideas to learn (teach) or post your query here on a particular topic. You will get help from fellow parents.

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