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Updated on May 15, 2017

my daughter is not interested study what I do

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| May 15, 2017

hi Asha Raju! how r u! I completely understand your worry.. Asha ji u need to keep yourself involved in your child' s day to day routine. once she is back from school,hug her, spend half an hour with her. listen to what happened at school. ask her about any homework or test she needs to prepare for. also set a routine for her. help her follow it by reminding he regarding what she needs to do next. keep a watch on her when she studies. assign her work, ask her questions, praise her when she makes efforts. help her find answers she doesn't know. make her do corrections. reward her with her favorite dish if she does well. and If she doesn't , avoid scolding her ,motivate her to start again and redo the test next day. Asha ji she needs your love and attention. if you would involve yourself in her day to day activities and would keep a track of her progress , she will also feel interested. motivation, praise and your love would work wonders in this case. tkcare!

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