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Substitute of breast feeding

Rujuta Modi
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Dec 22, 2015

My baby is 11month old and I recently stop feeding Breast milk. What to feed as substitute before going to bwd or midnight time?

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krishna shekhar

| Dec 25, 2015

Yes you can give him nestle nan or nestle lactogen stage 2. This will work as substitute for breast milk. You can give at night And anytime of day s well... after 1 year I guess you can start giving milk we drink..

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Anupama Sheregar

| Dec 22, 2015

Hi Rujuta.. my son is also 10 months completed and I have startd giving him packet milk (Amul toned mixed with water ). I usually make kheer n nestum with this milk and still continuing breast milk for midnight call :) Also at night before sleep I give him diluted khichdi, nestum in milk or suji kheer , veg soup (all diluted so that its not v heavy on stomach) Hope my comment helps u..

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