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Created by Preeti Parashar
Updated on Feb 06, 2016

My 8 month baby likes sweet milk n others food. how to sweeten baby’s food WITHOUT sugar . Sugar, Honey, Which Sweetener Is Best for Baby?

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| Mar 31, 2016

I have heard that we shudnt give white sugar to kids. So far I m trying to keep my baby away from sugar n salt.. my doctor asked me to do so for 1 yr.. for sweetening the food, we can add organic jaggery or palm sugar.. honey may not be digested well by infants or can be contaiminated even wehn bought from best brands ...

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| Feb 07, 2016

Hiii..... u can use honey also as sweetner..... it will nt nly provide gud taste bt also other gud benifits of honey will help ur baby

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| Feb 06, 2016

Thanks asha .but my son never take milk without sugar.

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| Feb 06, 2016

Hi Preeti, you must have sure started top feed for your child. Include a variety of tastes in the meals served thereby ensuring that the baby is not familiar or used to sweet taste alone. Mashed fruits and fruit juices that you give will satisfy his sweet taste. The mashed food that you give, add different vegetables in it every day and add different tastes through, jeera, ajwain, some pepper, dhaniya powder or tej patta. This way the baby will have variety and will later not be a fussy eater. Finally, wherever possible try to use jaggery instead of sugar for the health benefits. Ifyou add so much variety in the meals then one time milk with slight sugar is an acceptable deal

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