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Created by Sharin Raja
Updated on Jan 22, 2019

Hai friends Nowadays i heard lots of speechs n WhatsApp videos about this sugarcane and too mango , jack fruit and banana are helpful to maintain sugar level in blood n used to loss weight. is that so ?? or its all about advertisements or etc. can someone interested plzz clear my doubts.

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| Jan 22, 2019

hi Sharin Raja ! as Nita rightly mentioned weight loss has to be in a gradual and systematic manner. no particular thing can help loose weight and it has to be a combination of things like cut down carbs, junk food, refined flour based recipes and sugar.. do light exercise after consulting yr doctor.. have more of salads ,fruits and sprouts etc.

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| Jan 22, 2019

hi Sharin Raja ! it takes a while to loose weight post delivery especially and at those times, it's important that we take a good and balanced nutrition and there it can't be just depending on these ones like sugarcane, mangoes. even later on, it's the same, so go for a mixed diet with all nutrients

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