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3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 09, 2016

Can ladies suggest me new trick n tips to keep my son involved in writing..... n to make him enjoy writing n learning

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| Apr 12, 2016

Please read this interesting blog on Parentune - Learn how this mother is inculcating book reading habit in her child

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| Apr 11, 2016

Hi Sanaa! How r u? Sanaa writing requires development of fine motor skills and the pincer grasp. If the child has been using incorrect methods of writing it may lead to fatigue, thereby loss of interest. To help him adopt correct methods u could do some exercises with him like crumpling of paper, stringing of beads in a thread, play with play doh, writing in sand using fingers, playing with finger puppets or coloring with fingers etc. All these execercises will help him improve fine motor movements which in turn would help in writing. Now coming to your question how to create interest in writing : it is advisable to buy thick crayons or make use of colored pencils. Make him share with u what happened during the day and u could help him write about it in a few lines on a diary with colored pencils or crayons. U could help him make cards for special ocasions for teachers and/ or family members say thank you cards or birthday cards. Or u ask him to write down on a piece of paper what he wants from the market. U could help him with spellings while Making the list. Or u could make your own stories with his help and write it down. Also make use of activity sheets which just don't require writing but also match the column , odd one out, fill in the blanks, true or false statements etc. Reward him with stars ,smileys, on making attempts. Parise him for good work. You could also be a rolé model by a writing a page or so everyday about anything u wish. Also this is the age to inculcate reading habit. Sanaa with the use of playful activities and adding praise as well as reward component u will be able to motivate him. Hope this helps!

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