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Updated on Jun 10, 2018

Of late my kido has started taking bubble bath. She mixes Johnsons Top to Toe in a bucket full of water and enjoys her bath. Since it is summer time, so it has now become a pleasure time for her. Also the lather leaves a light fragnance and she loves it.

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| Jun 23, 2018

hi rohini, i too have started doing the exact same thing this summer... my son loves it and spends a good amount of time in water, I feel like joining him at times:)

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| Jun 15, 2018

sounds fun! johnson has a bubble bath range too which makes more bubbles and lather! tried and tested ...been there and done that!

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| Jun 12, 2018

That sounds fun!! I have used JnJ Top to toe for so long now for my kid, but never used Top to Toe as a bubble bath. Little one loves spending time in the tub.. I should try it this week! Wow, thanks for that! :D

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| Jun 10, 2018

hi Rohini Reddy ! yups it's real fun for kids to play with water.

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