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Summer is heating???

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Updated on Apr 13, 2016

My daughter is 19 months old and she is very active, in day time she sleeps for max 2 hrs and goes to bed late night, before bed she takes bath with normal (cold) water as it's summers and takes liqiud and fiber diet more (like salad, fruits, rice, curd, flakes etc) and milk, my worry is she doesn't eat chapatti, dal and vegetables curries, please help me what can I do, is there anything else I can feed her which kids like and I am not aware of it. ????

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| Apr 14, 2016

You can also try.... 1) Spinch rice: cook rice with thinly chopped spinach. Add milk, salt and sugar as per taste. Mash it or make a paste, kid will love to have it. 2) Pancakes: take any pulpy fruit of your choice. I have tried with banana, apples, sapota. Make a paste by adding milk and sugar. Add and mix some wheat floor in it. Make pancake of this mixture. Cut it into bite size pieces of different shapes. 3) Boiled vegetables like papaya, carrot, beans, cauliflower, spinach with a turmeric and salt. Mash it or make a puree. Add some finally chopped onion, coriander leaf, wheat floor,besan. Make small chillas out of it. 4) If the child is good enough to chew, you can mix chopped vegetables with curd and suji and make chillas out of it. 5) Egg Pudding: Cook 2 cup of milk till it reduced to 1 cup. Add sugar and allow it to cool down. Beat an egg mix a drop of vanilla essence or some cardamom powder. Mix this egg mix into milk. Cut the sides of bread slices and cut into triangles .Arrange it in a bowl. Add the egg and milk mix over the bread slices. Cook it in a double boiler. Once cooked keep it in freeze to set and cut into pieces. 6) Sauté chopped vegetables in butter. Add salt, onion, egg bhurji, some cooked rice, gartered cheese. Either make tikkis or serve as usual. 7) Puran poli: Soaked chana daal overnight. Boil it,remove the excess water and mash it. Heat ghee or refined oil in a pan. Add the daal , cook for some time. Add gud and illaichi powder into it. Stuff this mix in the rotis and make thin paratas. Also you can make the savory form by adding chopped onion,ginger,garlic,coriander leaf and salt while cooking the stuffing. The summer is its peak so feed as much liquid …. juice, milk shakes, lassi, butter milk, tender coconut, sattu with milk and so on. Fish is very good for skin and hair. Mix the boiled fish with rice and feed the kid. Make sure to remove the bones carefully.

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| Apr 13, 2016

Hello.... as you daughter is not eating chapati vegetables do one thing you made vegetables parathe or dal parathe or you can give her vegetable dalia upma stuffed idli....

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