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3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 04, 2016

Summer vacations are approaching soon. What should I do to engage my child and make a proper utilization of it?

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| Apr 06, 2016

Hi Sonam! How r u? Summer vacations can be a very dreadful period for parents as well the child if not planned properly in advance. It is advisable to make a routine for the kids. Make them wake up early and sleep early. They should have fixed time for studies as well as play, rest as well as recreation . If they wish they can join any particular activity class such as swimming,dance or music or skating . Or they could join summer camp wherein they get to do dance, craft making,cooking,swimming etc. all in a span of say 30 days or so. You could assign them few chores at home like feeding pets, watering plants, laying table, cleaning up their room etc. U could get books issued from library and read along with the child to create interest. Also they would be required to finish their holiday homework during vacations which should be again planned meticulously . Summer vacations should not be stand alone studies or just masti rather it should be a fun filled learning period for both the child as well as the parents with a mix of both. hope this helps!

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