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Updated on Aug 05, 2016

my daughter is 7yrs old..... she is very sensitive.... she is afraid of her teacher and height of this fear is that she does mistakes in her test paper...... she does not have friends in her class so feels it sometimes...... how could I support my child in this matter.

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| Aug 05, 2016

somehow my son is the same verrryyy sensitive its necessary that we boost their confidence and u can talk to ur daughter's teacher and request her to take little more effort to make the child more comfortable in her company. Just give ur child some time as she mature things will definitely be better. good luck

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| Aug 06, 2016

hi Nidhi! how r u! Nidhi sometimes we parents unintentionally instil fear in our kids and say things repeatedly without realizing its affecting child's psyche and behavior. for Instance: baby complete ur work or else your teacher will throw u out of this class. or everyday saying' do neat work, or your teacher will scold u for poor work. 'so somehow we ourselves have been by repeatedly saying such things and telling the child 'teachers are authority figures and u better mind yourself in front of her'. what u could do now is let her know teachers are there for her good, and she can talk to them . be in touch with her teacher. talk to her on phone in front of her just to clarify certain things. this will boost her confidence that teachers are approachable. tell her to ask a particular question from the teacher . give her opportunities to interact with her. talk about her at home, show her pics to your child. as far as test papers are concerned , give enough practice at home. give timed papers and make her do corrections after u check her paper. practice and repitition would help a lot in her case. hope this helps!

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