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Updated on Mar 12, 2014

Hi All   My son has a tendency to sweat a lot on head while sleeping. The amount pf perspiring is so high that the bed sheet get wet due to his sweat. Secondly he use to itch a on his head several times. I have tried Olive, almond and mustard oil to remove that itching but nothing is happening. Please suggest what to do.

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| May 14, 2014

pls. meet some child cardiologist to rule out anything related to heart. My son had this issue and we told several times to his pediatrician but they never heed. At the age of 6. 7yrs, incidently, they found a hole in heart. Though he still sweats a lot after 1 yr of surgery but it has reduced. Adenoid cud be another issue for heavy breathing, believe me sometimes we think that child is fine as we don't see much symptoms in early childhood. Most of the heart issues get undiagnosed till adulthood. Don't trust single dr. , after all they r also human being.

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| Mar 17, 2014

Yes Anju! It cud be definitely due to heredity. if there are no other symptoms then it might not be a cause of worry. for itching u should consult a dermatologist.

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| Mar 16, 2014

Hi Anju, u can try adding quarter teaspoon methi powder, quarter teaspoon neam leaf powder in baby shampoo and give him a head wash weekly thrice. Itching will surely reduce. Sweating at night may be due to heredity. U can set a small table fan so that air directly comes to his face. Give lots of water during daytime. This might help!

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| Mar 14, 2014

Hi shikha Thanks a lot , He doesn't have any such symptoms. Could it also be due to hereditary reasons.

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| Mar 12, 2014

Hi dear Anju! Some amount of sweat is normal which happens when the child is in deep sleep. but if u feel there is excessive sweating please check for other symptoms such as nasal blockage, gasping for breath, any sign of infection, fever, fast heartbeat rate. It is advisable to get ur checked up with his doctor to rule out any other metabolic disorder, heart disease or any other underlying problem. Itching on head could also be due to sweat glands being very active. Hope this helps!

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