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Sweets and dessert - junk or not junk?

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Created by Matteo Chiampo
Updated on May 11, 2012

ok, this is something i am sure all of you have struggled with, at one time or another. Should sweets and desserts be treated in the same league as junk food? They often have low nutritional content. The sugar content is above indicated saily doses, especially for children. They may contain coloring ingredients and synthetic flavor enhancers. But.... every children love them! You have been asked multiple times to have a candy or a sweet before sitting down for a meal. Woudl you pick this fight with your children, or just give in and supply the sweets?

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| Nov 09, 2012

I do treat sweets, chocolates and desserts as junk food and eating chocolate is like a once a week treat which I enjoy with my kid to celebrate friday evenings. However, when he was little, he got this habit of munching on cream biscuits along with his meals. So he does have a sweet tooth and looks for sweets after meals. So I cut down on the supply of cream biscuits.. and interestingly as these kids grow, they become conscious of their diet, their weight.. from what they learn at school and from what their peers say to them. So, the problem of excess has taken care of itself and we guiltlessly enjoy our weekly chocolate and dessert treats.

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| May 25, 2012

my kids are allowed one or two bits of candy only after lunch on most days. Seems to work ok for us.

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| May 17, 2012

hey matteo , everything in moderation is ok and excess of anything is bad... so as and when the time requires you can change your stance on sweets and desserts but they are kids afterall....

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