Swimming for 5 yr old

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Updated on Apr 05, 2014

My daughter is 4. 5 yr old. I am planning to introduce her to swimming this summers. She loves water and is very fond of splashing in pools. Please share the precautions that should be taken at her age.

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| Apr 07, 2014

Dear Anamika. Please ensure the following: 1. Proper fitting swimming clothes with no lose ends or straps. 2. Swimming cap, arm bands, a floating tube if necessary. 3. Make sure that an adult is present with her at all times. 4. Apply sunscreen before she enters the pool. 5. Keep her hydrated preferably with water. If it is too hot, she may feel dizzy and tired if its her first few classes. So water is a must. 6. Make her shower before she enters the pool and once she is out of the pool. 7. Encourage and praise her as she would be scared and apprehensive. I hope these little tips helps :)

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