Tackling naughtiness

1 to 3 years

Created by Akshaya
Updated on Oct 15, 2013

My son is becoming very naughty at times n he is learning new naughtiness  day bY day how do I calm him down

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| Oct 17, 2013

Thanks friends for your valuable suggestions will practice n let u know abt it byeee take care

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| Oct 16, 2013

Dear Parent! Hitting is something which children use as a form of retaliation. This is something which they learn from role models which could be a cartoon character such as chotta bheem, hagemaru etc. or from an older sibling, an agemate, or an adult. Sometimes when they see adults using this method to control their kids, they also resort to the same method without knowing about its consequences.. So pls look for possible role models n stop them from doing so. N also it could be possible when a child's all demands r denied he may behave so. So if u believe a child 's demand can be fulfilled n it is justified please fulfill it as NO is something which even we as adults hate to listen to. This will pass on the msg only unjustified demands r being denied. Thirdly u cud discuss with the child through storytelling, puppet show, placards, etc how hitting can hurt the other person. N it is not good to hurt anyone as God gets angry with us n HE gives us one negative mark n takes away our gifts back. So u need to explain the consequence of bad behaviour. I am sure the child would soon realise this. Hope this helps!

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| Oct 16, 2013

Hi anurima, He is trying to hurt his elders n friends ( either by hitting theme by some other ways) but at times he is very good. I know that kids in this age become naughty but he was a silent n a sober kid and now this drastic change I'm a bit amused... I need to know how do I curb r convert it in a constructive way.. Plzzz help me ????

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| Oct 15, 2013

Dear Akshaya. At this age, children are very curious. They are discovering things around them;they are fearless and attempt to do things without thinking of the consequences. Since they cannot distinguish between right and wrong, some of their actions may seem as mischief to us. If you could tell us exactly what he does and in what circumstances, then the other fellow parents can share their thoughts too. Waiting for your post... :)

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