talk about rigid behavior of 16years old daughter

11 to 16 years

Created by Shweta Bhasin
Updated on Jul 24, 2017

my daughter is 16years 10months. but bht careless or no studies & only mostly chating wid boy friends bht samzaya but result nothing big problem for me .

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| Jul 26, 2017

thanx shikha

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| Jul 24, 2017

hi Shweta Bhasin! we all have been through this phase so one knows attraction towards opposite sex is not unusual during teenage. shweta u need to talk to her not as a mother but as a friend who understands her curiosity to talk to boys and be friends with them. I believe she has younger siblings too and it would not be wise to discuss this issue in front of them. u could talk to her in a room in closed doors. discuss with her how she could be in touch with them and yet not go beyond limits and be safe. sit down with her and share some rules with her such as not chatting after 7pm, no meeting with friends after school. take her for walks and share your teenage experiences with her.. the more closer u will get to her , more she would be open to u and would have nothing to hide from u. on the other hand being judgemental, nagging her or keeping an eye on her would irritate her and make her drift further away from u. its time u discuss with her some questions about attraction to opposite sex and answer her queries related to sex. please go through this blog. hope this will be of help to u. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Jul 24, 2017

plz Solve my problems .

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