tantrum of 3 year old daughter

3 to 7 years

Created by Shabana Parween
Updated on Sep 25, 2016

my 3 yr old daughter shows lots of tantrum. she gets angry/ irritated very easily. sometimes she also bangs her head on the floor or on wall. how to calm her? I try to show/ say many things but she doesn't stop her crying easily

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| Sep 27, 2016

And Shabana you will hv to pro act instead of react .... U will really hv to work on it. As soon as u kn this topic is going to push her off edge act in advance. It will need ur 100% energy but once ur daughter start understands she will change. This is just a phase will not remain forever.

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| Sep 27, 2016

Hi Shabana, each child has a emotional weakness. It may be towards a toy or a person. You will hv to find that and use it to calm her. I kn there are better ways to handle situations but when u are out or there is someone new in the house it's hopeless talking to them. For example I give my son only 2 choices e. So whatever he decided is his decision. Makes them to think and they do decide as they hv that power. And after they decided make them repeat it 2times ... Sometimes u hv to put ur foot down. Choices work in toy shop as well. I hv had most awkward situation in toy shop with my son. And today's bystanding parents give u that look of 'u don't kn how to handle ur child' is most annoying. Hope this works for you. Also about the getting angry very frequently - each time she gets angry give a Almond or any health food of her choice or water to drink, as they r busy eating they forget what they were thinking. Good luck.

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| Sep 25, 2016

Hi Shabana, here's a bog that may help you-

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