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Created by Rashi Mittal Nair
Updated on Jan 05, 2018

how to stop tantrums? any ideas?

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| Jan 05, 2018

hi Rashi Mittal Nair ! avoid paying attention if it's been a scene after every few hours . walk out of the room and let him cool down and come to u on his own. but please first ensure there is nothing around with which child can harm himself. once he comes to u, hug him and politely put across your point and tell him how he could have behaved alternately.. here is a blog u would find useful. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Jan 05, 2018

Rashi Mittal Nair dear, tantrums are a part of childhood. Tackling tantrums with irritation and anger will not solve it. It will increase more. To control tantrum try to make your child comfortable first and then explain them why you are not fulfilling their particular demand. Secondly being parent we also have to learn a lot. Try not to shout on your child in front of anyone or any other child. This makes them more adamant. Patience and love is the key to control and reduce tantrums. Secondly never shout or talk to them in high pitch. Talk and explain everything softly.

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