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Created by Nikita
Updated on Feb 06, 2014

Hi parents, my 8 year old son has become really stubborn, cranky. He back answers me whenever i want to explain him something. He shows tantrums to eat food, wearing clothes. Please suggest.

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| Feb 08, 2014

Hi Nikita! Very good suggestions have been made by Meenambigai Rajesh. I wud like to add u cud make sure there is no kind of pressure on the child like to perform well in academics, extra curricular, to behave well or to follow routine, eat well etc. sometimes children become rebellion under pressure and deny following any further instructions. Also avoid any kind of physical punishment as after a certain point of time it's becomes routine and child does not take it seriously. U cud give warning to the child that on shouting or answering back u will stop speaking to him n wud listen to him only when he is calm and willing for a discussion. It is advisable when u see the child shouting or answering back u cud leave the room immediately to avoid further arguments as forewarned. And when the child comes to u please do not entertain him. When u see the child behaving well or feeling sorry u cud discuss possible solutions to the issue n reach an agreement. It is advisable to give clear instructions regarding what u expect from the child beforehand only n then stick to it including consequences. U cud be a little relaxed on weekends n allow the child to be at ease too. Hope this works!

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| Feb 08, 2014

Hi Nikitha, it's just one stage of growing up. These days kids have lots of peer pressure in school environment. So we must help them and support them. Please talk like a friend and find out if there are any issues troubling him in school. Let him open up. U also can get help from school teachers and counsellor to find out the reason behind this behaviour change. In any case, change ur attitude and handle the tantrums with love and care. Control ur anger and show a smiling face even if he back answers. After some time when he is back to a good mood explain him that what he did was wrong and that his behaviour hurt u so much. Hope this helps!

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