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Updated on Aug 07, 2017

I am mother of three and I have recently joined a preschool as a teacher with my younger one. Any working mothers do share your experiences or suggestions on how to manage work and home.

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| Aug 07, 2017

hi Fahmeeda Begum! I would give u some tips on this , hope u will find these handy . u could finish most of your work on weekends like washing clothes, basic cooking like (tomato tadka) ,chopping of veggies, ironing etc. as far as kids are concerned, u need to motivate them to be independent and do their work on their own such as keeping clothes, books , toys , utensils at their respective places. also self studying should be promoted. u could assign them work and also make sure they revise their everyday work. praise and reward them for consistent good work. following a routine would help u a lot and make managing things easier. also take help of your hubby and delegate some work such as helping kids do homework, taking them to park, bathing them , or making them wear clothes, etc. hope this helps!

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