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Updated on Nov 17, 2019

Is technology detox is essential for kids? How? Share some innovate ways? But effective?

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| Nov 17, 2019

Hi Deepti ! It's absolutely essential. It affects their eye sight, brain development as well as overall development. U could plan their schedule, in which their is time for outdoor n indoor activities as well as rest and recreation besides studies. Plan age appropriate activities. Teach time in an interesting manner by using innovative methods which not only keeps them involved but also enhances their learning. Do not forget to include physical activity as sedentary lifestyle is leading to obesity which is the leading cause of many serious illnesses in later life

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| Nov 17, 2019

Parentune had suggested a good way on this children's day - i remember. They suggested that each parent to spend an hour with their child withput any screen/gadgets and that we do that daily. I liked the idea and did just that on 2 days. I must say, i think it works for not jst the child but me as a parent too. :)

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