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teenage problem

11 to 16 years

Created by Sahithi Priyadharsini
Updated on Sep 23, 2015

plzzz guide me how to cool my son he is getting very angry for simple things ,not taking anything joke. while he is shoutng my heart rate is increasing ,he is 14 years old . if he not shouting on me .atleast he shouts loudly to cool himself. irritating for small issues .how to manage .he feels so much that giving preiority to her sister more. iam. not doing like that but he feels more. iam. like asparrow in front of him ,he is nice personality is i say anything he shouts and comng on me. but if cry he cant see, immidately he will say sorry. he cant see iam crying ,working hard. he is talking own desicions if we say not gud dont do he orgue with us .what to do how to handle. help me _/\_

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| Sep 24, 2015

thanku yaar, really very tention for me ,10 class intermediate these 3 years should work hard more strees iam. getting fear already he is short temper with this stress what haopens to him. my oarents unable to see my tention they r changing house to near to my son skl so my son will gt nore free time relaxation. i forgot to loggout from this app when u gave comment got notification mail. my son opened and read .he asked isit nessesaryto share on that site i said sory never i do again .he said its ok dont say sorry .never i will get angry on. but plzzz dont do such things what i dont like iam unable to control my angry he said ,i said ok thankx a lot. dont no how many days he will b like dis, earlier i said wake up in morning if i call me from kitchen to getup he shouts me. if he is bathroom if i said come out fast van vll come he shouts onme .each and every word which cones from my mouth have to say softly like how spoke to ny husband and to illas i should speak like that with my son. with fear whole life fear fear fear really with this dominating mentalities iam staying lije a cat in my home, some day my heart vll break down and vl die :'( ok finally i will change my son vll gather patience vll b polite with him he need full attention and politeness from same as lije his grandfather and father . hope everything vll b gud. thaking u

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| Sep 23, 2015

How u could deal with this situation. Priya I am sure u r trying yr level best to take complete charge of situation and make him understand that u too want his best. Try and be his friend. There are issues which boys feel can't be discussed with mothers but they are comfortable when fathers talk about those as a friend rather than a parent. Try and understand what is bothering him. Empathize with him. Take him out discuss how he (father )had gone through same stage and every boy does. How he can control his anger. Avoid issues which can make him angry. Avoid judging him. Give yr opinion as a wellwisher. For ex. if he feels his friends parents have lot of money and they are having fun with it. Your hubby could explain how he as a child used to manage funds and helped his parents by not being demanding. How being a good student and studying hard he can make his parents proud as well as become a successful person in later life. He could talk about no shortcuts in life and only key to climb rungs of ladder is just hard work and blessings of his parents. He could also discuss how his behavior is hurting his mother and how much she is perturbed about him. I am sure the solution to this issue lies in man to man talk. Hope this helps. P. S. : THIS WAS JUST AN EXAMPLE MAY OR MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE.

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| Sep 23, 2015

Hi Priya! Teenagers sometimes behave rudely as they r unable to explain what's bothering them. There could be many issues which could lead to this reaction. 1. Bodily changes (pubertal changes) 2. Pressure from peer group to conform or being called outcast. 3. Parents nagging to still be in charge of teenagers life and not giving them desired freedom. 4. Hormonal changes which lead to mood swings, emotional imbalance. 5. Anxiety due to certain situation which comes out in form of frustration and anger. 6. Sibling rivalry and a feeling that sibling is being favored. 7. constant comparison by parents with age mates/sibling. 8. Child's feeling of inadequacy of parent to support either financially or emotionally. 9 . Teenagers poor self esteem due to not liking ones physical appearance. 10. inability due to academic under achievement. These factors can cause rude and aggressive behavior.

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