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Created by Jyoti Issac
Updated on Oct 08, 2016

How do we handle children who try to back answer us?

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| Oct 08, 2016

thank you Leena.

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| Oct 08, 2016

Hi Jyoti. Welcome to teenage mom's club. It's the age when the kids presumes them to be grown up and for parents they still are their little baby. You can't change them but you can change yourself. Avoid interfering in their day to day. Give them space and a chance to do mistakes. Don't take their answering back to your heart. If it hurts you, take a break. Walk away from there and then when everything has cooled down, sit and talk honestly. Tell them where they were wrong and if you we wrong then apologise and own up your mistake. Treat them as a grown up individual. Trust me he will treat you with respect and then you will develop a friendly relationship.

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