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Updated on Dec 09, 2013

Hello parents, I have a daughter of 14 years off late I have observed she want to spend time alone in her room earlier she use to share every small details of her life with me but she as stop doing it now could you please suggest how to handle this situation.

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| Dec 09, 2013

Hi dear Ankita! Well I can understand what u must be going thru. Well adolescence is a stage of stress and storm. He /she goes thru lot of introspection such as coming to terms with bodily changes, physical appearance, perception of what others think about them, self concept, friendships with same sex n opposite sex, acceptance in social circle etc. so in such a situation a teenager decides it is better to not to discuss all these q's with a parent as they think that he/she(parent) might not understand what they are going through and might take it otherwise espc on relationship/ friendship with opposite sex. At this age they prefer to confide in their peer group rather than parents /adults. They wud prefer spending more solitary time or talking on phone with friends than with u as u have mentioned. So it is advisable please try to be friends with ur child. Do not force them to share whatever is happening with them or react to what they have to share. As the reaction might make them take a defensive stand and hide things in future. So u need to build an atmosphere at home where it does not sound challenging or disturbing to the child. U cud take the child out for snacking, movie etc bring them on a platform where they can come closer and open their heart out in front of u. And please accept that adolescence is a phase wherein all these things are normal and a part of growing up. The more u try to understand them the easier it will be for them to sail smoothly thru this phase.

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