teeth come on 20 days born baby. is it safe

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Created by Hancy
Updated on May 24, 2017

hi to all .my baby born on 20 days past .today my mother seen his 2 tooth on the upper gum... is it safe & normal give solution

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| May 25, 2017

hi hancy same thing happened with my daughter on her lower gum. v hv consulted two different pediatricians both told us nt to worry as this tooth are very soft and it will nt break now my daughter is 5 mth old im still breastfeeding to her it is not hurting me while breastfeeding. Hope this information will help you. Pls share with me if u get any other information related to this even tht will help me.

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| May 24, 2017

hello nancy.... nothing to worry its totally normal... they are called natal teeth... it is seen some babies... nothing to worry... those teeth are to be removed only if 1). they are supernumery teeth(meaning extra teeth other than milk teeth) which prevents eruption of milk teeth​ 2) if those teeth are mobile... then has to be removed..... anyways it takes 6 to 7 months for 1st milk tooth to erupt tht too first milk tooth erupts in lower jaw followed by upper.... so by then check with ur dentist.... he mit Take an xray and do the needful thank u... take care

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| May 24, 2017

hi Hancy! congrats on the arrival of your lil bundle of joy. some babies are born with natal teeth. please consult your pediatrician to check whether it's safe to have these as these may cause problem during breastfeeding. , besides other hazards. . fellow parents if u have been in a similar position please share your experience. thanks

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