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Teething problem

Anita Auti
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Jan 13, 2016

My baby 6 month 15 days old.. having sivier gum pains.. I think teeth is going to be start.. sivier pan he's crying a lot... started Den TONIC ALSO.. Ny other remedies

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| Jan 13, 2016

Hi Anita.. you can use a cold washcloth and massage his gums with it wrapped around your clean finger.. give a little pressure,not much. Do ask your paediatrician for any gel which can be applied on the gums.. Give your baby cold teethers too! Teething is one of the most testing periods for both mum and baby.. coz even if we try many things,the irritability and slight pain is still there until the tooth erupts! My daughter has a tough time whenevr her teeth are about to erupt.. All the best!

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